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Small Owl Handbag

Little owl handbag. Notice that if you're carrying it by the handle, it's only a magnetic snap holding it closed. Should be fine carrying a wallet, keys, etc, but if you start adding books or rocks (for some reason), it might not stay closed.

No pockets.

Small learner's curve discount! I made this purse a year or so ago. You can see a small smudge over that middle owl's head on the flap. That's because I didn't cover the snap hardware before assembling the bags, and the metal of the clasp caused that little smudge. It's possible you could rub it out with a bit of water, but I haven't tried.

Approximate dimensions: 9.5" long x 3.75" deep x 6.6" tall

Made with the Mabel pattern by Swoon.

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